omg is it really that bad???

YES. Well mine only has 8 things so yours is just a lot to me aldhsldjsld

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La Peau douce, François Truffaut (1964)

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if u don’t think i am a princess that’s embarrassing for you

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Let’s discuss this cupcake

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Macha Méril, Elizabeth Montgomery & Carol Burnett - 'Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?' - 1963

Catherine Deneuve at the Potiche press conference - Toronto International Film Festival, September 2010.

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How Did We Not Think of These Pancake Ideas Ourselves


i did the best i could with google image searching

how about next time we post the links to the recipes and not some shitty buzzfeed knockoff

Sweet mother of flapjacks are those Cadbury egg pancakes?!

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What it do?
Kflay & Danny Brown

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